Friday, March 1, 2013

New Blog!!


If you want to continue seeing my blog action, come follow me at my new BLOG (yayy) -Nyishi Nyijir
Hope to see you guys there! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thailand- III

this was inevitable
My last bunch of photos from the Thailand series of posts from my trip in summer. This should prove how lethargic I am.
The above ones are shots from my last day in phuket where I stayed for four days. Had much fun there but most of the good times were overshadowed by the seasickness I recieved from Island-hopping and food poisoning because of this really exotic-looking fried rice.

Next stop - Bangkok
on my list of things to do- buy an auto and jazz it up!
I love this idea of cooking your own food in a japanese restaurant. so much fun but hardly edible when I burnt most of mine "pathetic attempts" but  this was something new to me so......
Way too much shopping and wayy too much time spent explaining how I am from India and not China, Korea, Japan what-have-you. The taxi drivers there sure find it funny and one even asked me to show him my passport. Yes, Next time I am going to write a little note of my origin and what little knowledge I have of it and just hand it over before they even begin to spurt the question of "where are you from?" so there's that.

I think one of this days I will put up a list of places I want to visit. I haven't prioritised my destinations yet but I want to... cause it will make everything a bit more organised. I have so much more to look forward in life somedays I just want to leave everything and everyone behind and be a complete stranger in a really strange(to me) place. Its such a eat, pray, love situation but not really. I haven't had any tragedy in life, no love problems just absolute disillusionment at..basically, everything.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My hands itch to boondoggle

So, basically I'm busy cleaning up pug poop and wiping out its stink by lighting up as many scented candles in my room as possible. And I have my exams coming up so I'm totes up my ass right now but somehow I just want to blog through these arduous days. Like I don't have time but I'feel brave y'know. There was a moment back there when I wondered if I would but then this evening I was coming back from the cinema feeling all energised with the cold stinging my ears and it just felt right. And the fact that the movie happened to be "Life of Pi" was a total coincidence. I did plan on putting all my feelings in regards to the movie over here but I'm not that good a movie critic. Even so, I am still harnessing that could-be talent.
Btw the little pug happens to be, sadly, not mine but my cousin's who left her in my care. Its a tough one, caring for a pup and especially one that is soo hyper. I have to take her to a pet grooming parlour soon cause her nail scratches are multiplying every second.